About Us

About Lupimedia - web development supremos

By James Ovenden, Head Honcho of Lupimedia

We are a long established web design and development studio based in Yeovil, Somerset. With a team of 4 developers, a project mgr & marketing specialist we support businesses and charities of all shapes and sizes deliver what they do best. If you are looking for website design or content management systems, or bespoke app development we are the team for your next project. 

We are proud to use Open Source software for our projects as well as developing custom applications if your project requires it. 

Why people come to Lupimedia

Our approach to any project is unique. We will never ask a client to change their requirement due to a rigid system or approach from our part. This is something people often come to us saying that they’ve had a bad experience with another company’s inflexibility. We thrive on first finding out about your business and what makes you tick, then suggesting new ideas and uses of technology that you may not have previously considered. You can leave the technical details with us and concentrate on your day to day business or you can be involved in as much of the process as you wish (especially if you are a secret techie). Whether it’s a fully fledged responsive website, content management system, an e-learning system or a bespoke application, we can help. We have all manner of clients ranging from security giants Securitas, prestigious private schools and lots more that we are sworn from mentioning through NDA's.   

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