For the love of ipsum

Published Thursday 3rd Dec 2015
By James
Top 5 Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum by Lupimedia

For the love of ipsum

Everyday business can be serious, tasks assigned, deadlines to meet, strategies to form. Why not lighten the load when developing your website with us. 

As part of the design process we will mock up design layouts often using “dummy content”. The first port of call for copy tended to be Lorem Ipsum, which is a bunch of latin text that we use to show how blocks of text appear in the design. Its really useful as we can use different length copy to show how it effects the aesthetic of the site, showcase the fonts we recommend and allows us to develop the website without having all of the copy created right at the start of the process. 

In a recent blog post from Shopify they highlighted some great funny alternatives to the mundane Lorem. Here is my Top 5 favourites from the list. 

1. Bacon Ipsum - 
Bacon ipsum dolor amet short ribs sirloin doner, spare ribs shoulder beef jowl cow tongue shank tenderloin corned beef bacon. Pastrami biltong shankle, picanha flank swine bresaola brisket kevin t-bone filet mignon tongue jerky pork sirloin.

2. Hairy lipsum -  

Cesar romero mustachioed off-piste zap rowsdower what a bounder ian botham walrus, Freddie mercury godlike walrus ian botham john aldridge cesar romero um yesbaby brush mustachioed off-piste funny walk zap rowsdower what a bounder mark lawrenson, john aldridge cappuccino collector el snort what a bounder ian botham mark lawrenson walrus 

3. Hipster Ipsum -

Raw denim banjo authentic letterpress, tattooed put a bird on it ethical iPhone blue bottle pickled listicle skateboard williamsburg 90's photo booth. Lomo whatever organic chia williamsburg, scenester listicle sriracha four dollar toast mustache pickled. Retro actually asymmetrical VHS butcher before they sold out, vegan direct trade irony sartorial

4. Office Ipsum - 

We need to leverage our synergies pull in ten extra bodies to help roll the tortoise can I just chime in on that one UI, or meeting assassin. Can we align on lunch orders helicopter view, but it just needs more cowbell yet deliverables pig in a python, for closer to the metal. Message the initiative guerrilla marketing, yet anti-pattern, pulling teeth win-win, but loop back, feature creep. Best practices.

5. Pirate Ipsum - 

Deadlights jack lad schooner scallywag dance the hempen jig carouser broadside cable strike colors. Bring a spring upon her cable holystone blow the man down spanker Shiver me timbers to go on account lookout wherry doubloon chase.

So when your proceeding with your website let us know if you fancy using one of these alternatives to the standard dummy text. 

Or better still, if you have a great idea for your own Ipsum, send us through your ideas!