Lupimedia urging people to change their passwords


This week online users all over the world have been hit by the Heartbleed bug.

The flaw could allow personal data to be compromised and has led cybersecurity companies to describe the situation as "grave".

After safeguarding all of Yeovil based Lupimedia's clients, MD James Ovenden is advising people to change passwords everywhere to protect your data.

It comes as yesterday(Weds 9 April) technology experts from around the globe are telling people to change high-security services like email, file storage and banking.

On Tuesday morning (Tues 8th April) the 'Heartbleed' vulnerability was disclosed.

Managing director of Lupimedia Ltd, James Ovenden said: "We are pleased to say that our servers were patched by 9am on Tuesday morning which is just hours after the bug was publicly disclosed.

"An audit has been performed to verify that all our servers are not affected by this exploit, and where possible we have re-issued private keys for any sites affected.

"The vulnerability allowed information such as passwords, usernames and other personal information to be exposed to anyone who wanted to exploit it.

"I strongly urge everyone sat at home or work to go and change all of your email, banking or security passwords as soon as you can."

He added: "I'm proud that we were the first Yeovil company to act so quickly on behalf of our customers."

This vulnerability is particularly nasty as it does not leave any audit trail for any disclosure of information, but at this time Lupimedia has no reason to believe that any of its customers have been affected by this.

For more info on this vulnerability and to fix your own servers if you are a system administrator go to for more information.