Something Fishy Going On at Lupimedia..well kinda

Published Monday 12th Oct 2015
By James

Something Fishy Going On at Lupimedia..well kinda

To help improve the Feng shui and general wellbeing in the office we have decided to introduce a Fish Tank. Initially I thought this would be a simple process, get tank, put water in it, get fish put them in the water, But oh no...... 

At the moment there are no fish (as I'm told the tank is cycling, even though I don't see any bikes in sight) but we have been debating about what varieties to eventually add. Apparently I'm not allowed piranhas.

Our in house fish tank expert, sorry "Aqua Scaper", Lupimedia Developer Rob Purnell, assures me that fish will be resident at Lupi HQ within a couple of weeks. 

We are all really pleased with how it's come out and hats off to Rob with assitance from Ryan making it happen over numerous lunch breaks and evenings over the last few weeks. 

Lupimedia Office Fish Tank  Lupimedia Office Fish Tank