Spring has sprung!


The birds are singing, you are coming out of an Easter Egg Coma and the pleasant mild weather is ebbing closer (honest). It's a good time to get excited for everything the bulk of 2018 has to offer, Sunny Weather, Beach Days, and Barbecues!!

It’s also the time for new exciting ideas for your business to take place. We’ve got many new fun things coming up including, outdoorsy video production, a new social media app, and the launch of new online service for tradespeople to showcase their work. But what have you got lined up? Anything interesting to share?

If you are struggling with ideas, below are a few ideas to get you and your staff/colleagues pumped for the Year!

Team Building Activities - Luckily all the lupi office are into golf. We take an afternoon every few months to play a round at a local course. It doesn't get competitive at all....eeek.

Team Challenge for Charity - This could be a bake sale, or even if you are feeling fit why not try an obstacle race. Setting a challenge can be great as you are working to achieve personal goals and working together as a team also.    

Positive Vibes only - Ask colleagues to list 3 positive things about a project or client they are working on at the time. It's amazing how switching the focus to a positive action can ripple through and make the day feel much more enjoyable.

Wishing you all the best springing your plans into action for 2018.