Adventure Education Trust - Helping Young People

Lupimedia loves being able to design and develop a site that will make a difference to people. What was even better with Adventure Education is allowing young people to have a better future because of the publicity exposure via their website. Adventure Education Trust helps youth that may have had a bad start in life or possibly a hard upbringing which can result in issues later in life. The incredible people behind the AE Trust help these young people by giving them support and 1 to 1 coaching that starts the process of healing and personal growth.


The site aims to create good publicity and raise funds for its youth projects by donation. The site features a filterable portfolio of the projects. Meaning you are able to browse current, previous and future projects in order to discover more about them. A fantastic Blog which shows just a few of their incredible success stories and other bits and bobs that is ongoing in the world of adventure education.

The site is fully responsive page by page which means it will work well on all devices.

The team behind AE can post blogs about new projects and share their current ones. Most importantly they can be contacted by those in need and get back to them via the websites webforms contact system.


The Trust’s website was developed using Drupal CMS and features a responsive design. It utilises views, contexts customer content types and taxonomy. Other technology previously mentioned such as an archiving blog and a reliable webforms (online contact form).


The Adventure Education Trust does a great job helping these young people and we do our bit by providing ongoing support, maintenance and developing new features on their website.