Birchington Brides & Bows Boutique - Wedding Dress Shops Websites

Got to love a 2 4 1.

Birchington Brides and Bows Boutique are bridal boutiques based in East Kent owned by Fran Smith.

The content mgt system, developed in Drupal showcases their amazing wedding dresses that they supply to brides in Kent. The content mgt system was repurposed to power both boutiques, giving uniformity to the brand as well as a cost saving to the customer.

We went for a heavy gallery orientated website to showcase the fabulous dresses that both boutiques offer. Similar to an eCommerce catalogue system but without the online purchasing, items are presented in categories and then filtered by designers. Users can easily jump between each site with the link in the top right of the webpage so a different range can be found in seconds.

The eCommerce style sites feature product categories such as Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Suite Hire and Accessories and these are managed in a CMS Admin area controlled by the shop owners who can add new products, put some on sale or make text edits to existing ones. The site will automatically display a graceful notification if there are no items on sale in it’s category which creates a good user experience rather than an empty page.

The product categories also feature a brand name navigation menu, which means when you go through to the Wedding Dresses category users can then choose their desired designer and look through their dresses specifically but easily skip to another designer thanks to the stacked navigation.

Both websites have been well received by their customers.