Carolyn Moore Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapist Website

3… 2… 1… You’re back in the room and finished clucking like a chicken, well actually not at all. It’s always interesting learning about a new subject matter through our clients. As it turns out Hypnotherapy isn’t all the movies make out to be and instead is closer to the feeling of a state of total relaxation. As Carolyn Moore will tell you with over 6 years experience in hypnotherapy a simple trance like state can allow you to conquer fears, learn more about yourself and better your life. Carolyn Moore’s new Drupal CMS website will allow her to market her hypnotherapy business online and make alterations to her website with ease thanks to the backend usability of Drupal.

This new build features a fully responsive design with mobile, tablets and everything in-between considered. This website is as easily navigable and as seamless as a 3 page brochure site. The colour palette, imagery and tone create a pleasant user experience when browsing and reading through Carolyn’s information and makes for a great first impression for her potential clients making first contact. The site’s aim is to encourage someone to get in touch with Carolyn through learning about Hypnotherapy and discovering Carolyn’s approach. Features on the site such as the FAQ page aim to ease the mind of any potential clients and previous testimonials reinforce the quality of her sessions.

The site features a dynamic blog that is in the sidebar of all pages and will update automatically with new posts so that the 2 most recent articles are never far away. The Contact page consists of a Webform that allows simplistic and easy contact with Carolyn. 

The website will provide an online presence that looks great, and explains clearly and effectively the services Carolyn offers.