Fonics - Learn to Read Cross Platform App and Marketing Website

Lupimedia is very proud to showcase an incredible project that has been in the works for over 6 months that kicked off in March 2016 with the launch of a mobile App that teaches children to read with Phonics. Lupimedia have taken this all new brand to where it is now from the ground up. 


We helped the birth of the brand and saw it gain its personality as the promotion began with the website This was an on theme designed responsive website that showed off every aspect of the app in one great looking page. The site’s functionality stretched to meet the need for parents and teachers to register their school for a 2 month free trial of the app. Therefore the website included a registration form that hooked up with a portal that stored the schools info ready for when they came to login on the app in one streamline process originating from a single action.


The app was developed in Unity which was a great platform to start, and has allowed us to create a powerful and bug free mobile phone and tablet application that includes 6 games, over 1500 words, and 50 plus sound files and an animated character called Albee who inspires kids to learn to read.

The games consist of being able to sound out words, match words to pictures of their meaning, and determine words that are real and those that are alien and lots more. The games require children to drag and drop words, align sound buttons with each letter in words and feeding Albee alien words or putting the real ones in the book.

Delving deeper into the mechanics of the app it’s not just about the games, as much as it is about the data, the scores, levels, XP (experience points) and so much more. Every child’s profile starts at level 0 and works they’re way up through completing phonic sounds in order to learn to read and pronounce those sounds. XP is filled up in a bar at the end of every sound level and saved for the next time they log in.

Not only this but the Pro level of the app doesn’t just save this data for next time, but sends it all of to the teacher so they can review each students progress and identify who needs a little more help. This app creates real world benefits for everyone, both teacher and student gains from its use.

The creator of the concept is Sophie Cooper from Way We Learn Ltd, a primary school teacher from Devon, that has been able to guide us through learning phonics as much as her class of 5 year olds. Making this app has been great fun and being able to provide both of these services is so beneficial to everyone involved in the project as it creates seamless integration, synergy and workflow.


Along with the launch of the app a lot of preparation went into building a customer base via online marketing through social networks and most advantageous was Google Adwords. Where advertising the App and website exactly when people are searching for solutions to teach their children or class’s to read. With the use of Ads on Google search results, in the Play Store and on Youtube the Ad campaigns are able to bring in profitable traffic that download and install the app, register their schools for Pro and interact with the brand.

Being able to propel Fonics to the top of searches on Google for keywords like "Phonics Learning", "Teach Phonics" & "Learn to Read" means that exactly when parents and teachers want a solution for kids to learn phonics they will see a well marketed Advert selling them a Gamified solution in an App. 

The Future of Fonics

The App grows strength to strength every week with more Schools registering for a free trial, more parents teaching their kids and sharing it with their friends and their schools. Forgetting the obvious duties of the business, Lupimedia and Sophie are greatly enjoying the amazing feedback and the privilege to help children across the UK to learn to read.

We'll leave you with just a small one from the Google Play StoreGreat App Great job with this app. Can't get the kids off it.”