Pencil Studio - Digital Marketing Agency Website

Our friends at Pencil Studio are graphic designers and brand identity hero’s. They’ve created fantastic work and provide an incredible service to their customers with a fanatic eye for detail. This new Drupal 8 Responsive website was designed by themselves and built by us as part of our ongoing relationship with our friendly neighbours.

The latest in Drupal technology has gone into this build such as all new improved Slideshow management and Dynamic content views all keeping to the highly polished and pixel perfect design supplied by Pencil Studio. Custom built Content types and with modified twig templates mean we created bespoke page layouts that meets the desires of the design and is also easily managed by Luke and his team with a really intuitive admin area in the cms. Responsive lead framework and styles building means the site is full responsive and the dynamic content will fill any space on any and all sizes. Combined with Drupal's dynamic functionality in loading resized images for certain placements within the website the load times of this site should suit all devices on all qualities of internet connection.