Reproduction Furniture Adwords Management

Reproduction Furniture are leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality period furniture across the UK and overseas. They have been supplying the widest range of traditional style furniture for over 40 years.

It's time after 2 years we shared the phenomenon that is the incredible enhancement that Reproduction Furniture has received in online sales due to the Professional management of their Adwords Account. We'll get to the figures in a moment but in short they have been on the up... and still rising!

Ricky Jackson, Sales Director and Owner of Reproduction Furniture, came to use with a brief of improving the businesses Adwords account he had been running in house for several years. He felt it was time he tried seeing what could happen if he took the mgt of the account to professionals to see if it would make a difference to the results they were achieving. 

The account now takes over 5500 clicks a month and In 2015 the account had a click through rate of 3.84% (The Golden number is 2%) which equates to a very profitable cost per conversion. 

Well that's all well and good but stats isn't money in your pocket is it? Now hang on a sec, in the last 2 years we have near doubled their online sales and now PPC sales are now triple that of Organic. This combined with lower cost per clicks created by better targeting, ads, keywords and relevance means the Return on investment is positive and improving all the time. Our kind friend Ricky Jackson has a few words of wisdom from his experience with us that he'd like to share for your benefit. Take a look below.


"It seems Google have made it their mission to make Adwords the most complicated minefield of strategy and complex loopholes. You need to study the endless Adwords support guides not to mention the certification exams to be able to manage it. It needs constant management and updating, you need to learn all the new techniques which Google change on a weekly basis. 

We managed our own Adwords campaign starting back in 2005 and after many hours studying and after working hard on it we produced very average results, until 2 years ago when we moved to Lupimedia. They have an Adwords certified professional, qualified by Google themselves who manages campaigns all day every day. They understand Adwords and offer advice and implement strategy's that produce far greater results. They have managed all of our Adwords campaigns including advert text and graphics, keywords, bidding and everything else in order to create more clicks with a higher click through rate and conversion rate.  

They have reduced our cost by removing wasted Adwords spend, listened to our requirements and focused bidding and spend on the areas that would make the biggest difference. In the last 2 years our sales have improved by over 50% and are still on the up now. They have taken our original budget, managed it to produce a much better outcome and improved the sales from clicks dramatically. We receive understandable feedback on how our campaigns are performing. They also discuss with us the areas that we will be working to improve. 

Many thanks to all the Lupimedia Staff for your help
and continuing support in the future.
Ricky Jackson - Director of Reproduction Furniture"