Rose Of Jericho - Historical Paint Manufacturer Website

Rose Of Jericho specialise in high quality materials for traditional building repair. Peter Ellis, the company founder, established the traditional paint and building repair material suppliers in 1989 and has been a manufacturer and supplier ever since. Recent projects include Westminster Abbey, Knole House, Dover Castle, and Eton College Chapel.

Despite the incredible list of fantastic buildings around the world Rose of Jericho have worked with, their previous website lacked the class to promote them effectively. The old website was outdated and I would possibly go as far as saying a bit unloved. For site visitors it was hard to find the correct info and use the site at all for its purpose.

The new website, built with the powerful Drupal 7 CMS (Content Management System), now not only looks great, but is now useable and fully functional. This website now provides a well formatted and organised product listing for customers of Rose of Jericho and offers technical advice on usage, health and safety etc. Making the process for site visitors easier to find exactly what they want. The staff at Rose of Jericho now have an easily editable powerful admin area to make changes, update, remove and add content so that they can offer the latest info to help their customers, a previously impossible task with their old website. Adding new products, technical advice, health and safety pages couldn’t be easier with Drupal 7’s straight forward content management system.