Sherborne Prep

We love it when we have the opportunity to recreate a website we have previously made, it’s a chance to reimagine it all over. We can review what worked well with the current website and what areas could be improved upon for the new build. 

As all things change the old site was starting to look a little tired, it was only semi-responsive due to certain elements and technology available at the time of the initial build. The 2016 school website focuses on being fully responsive and therefore mobile and tablet friendly with a sharp modern ‘flat’ design. Content creation is now a very easy process and has a heavily automated flow with relationships automatically being created with the data. E.g news posts that relate to the boarding school will feature on the page about boarding at Sherborne Prep. That is just one very small example out of many enhanced automated functions.

The school are excellent at keeping on top of photography so one important goal was to showcase the ever changing photography shot at the school. The photos of school life are really important to prospective parents and those who have children boarding at the school so a well thought out gallery was a must have feature. 

An interesting point to consider when putting a new site over the top of an old one is what happens to old pages on the old website that no longer exist on the new one. Well unfortunately unless dealt with correctly Google and other search engines will not only ‘down-rank’ the site on search results for broken links, but not even locate the missing page. It is important to ensure the people who find the old pages in search engine listings are redirected to the newer versions of them.

The new school website has been heralded a great success by the parents and staff from the school. The administration team have also passed on their compliments with the ease of updating the website.