St Johns College School - Cambridge

What an adventure this site has been. From scoping the website early on in the process, to discovering what made the school so magical and reflecting that in the design and then implementing the content management system that powers it.

What does this school website do? Well what doesn't it do may be a more appropriate question. 


This school website acts as a brochure to prospective parents, showcasing the schools facilities and academic prowess but more importantly showing parents the more subtle qualities of the school and their holisitc approach to childrens wellbeing. 

The website acts as a portal for parents to get live up to date information about their children. Behind the scenes content is tagged and then sorted with relevant content then presented to the parent through the portal. Fixtures are updated live and children who are particiapting are added to the fixtures. This is used for both teamsheet printouts for display boards but also used to tag the fixture so parents have that content displayed in their portal feed.  

Staff members can access training material and contact information as well as being able to publish content to the web to assist teaching and commuicating with parents. 


This school website was developed using Drupal CMS and features a Responsive Design.


We are thrilled to be continually supporting the school developing the site further post launch adding new features.