Pay Per Click Campaigns

Google Adwords

5,740,000,000+ searches are made every day on Google. An incredible amount of eyeballs that cannot go unnoticed. If you are not yet advertising to these billions of people everyday you are missing out. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns on Google Adwords allows you to reach those people who may not have found you ordinarily, all you need to get noticed is a leg up from the lupimedia adwords certified team.

With the help of Lupimedia’s certified Google Adwords manager you can get a high performing Adwords account that can produce traffic and leads that are currently being lost. Whether your end goal is the phone ringing off the hook, brochure requests jamming your inbox or online sales topping up your bank account, our happy clients have seen a real boost in relevant traffic after paying for PPC campaigns.

We Begin with You

Your company is the focal point. We put you in the spotlight.

Plunge into Research

Knowing the environment is how you go from ‘Survive’ to ’Thrive’

Learn your Audience

We establish who to correctly target so that they come to you!

Strategy Conceptualisation

Planning a strategy to find your audience right when they want you.

Management = Evolution

Carefully moulding campaigns, ads and keywords to cultivate your goals.

Reporting & Progression

Feedback is growth and allows for constant enhancement.

Begin your Adwords adventure

Prices start from £150 a month for account management and a minimum of £10 a day of Adwords spend. Our clients see positive ROI on their adwords spend, afterall if you have a great service or product and you are getting relevant traffic to your offering, what more do you need to do.

New to Adwords? We work closely with Google and have a variety of vouchers we can use for new accounts to help start your adwords adventure!