We've been in this game a while now, and we're often shocked at how SEO is used by sneaky snake oil salesman who make promises that they can 'get you to the top of Google etc etc'.  And it's tricky because it is not an easy subject to explain. One aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is writing appropriate and relevant content that perfectly describes your products and services. The reason we do this is that search engines like Google like to see regular changing content( and to be honest so do us humans too). 

SEO isn't exactly rocket science, but it needs a thorough, robust plan. Even with the best intentions in the world when you get your shining new website, the demands of day to day business soon take over and writing fresh website content often gets knocked way down the 'to do' list.

At Lupimedia we research your analytics which will provide useful data about how exactly people find your website. We will then structure your content appropriately so that your content matches what your customers are actually searching for. 

Naturally if we create your website for you, SEO will be one of the first considerations but equally if you need this done retrospectively we can also help you to improve what you have. 

The web moves so quickly, so it's no surprise that the way people search online have completely changed in the last few years. People are now using longer phrases and questions to find what they need. Google changes its algorithms reguallary so therefore SEO techniques have to change to keep up.  

This all sounds a bit technical, but we are the experts so you can leave this with us.