Social Media Planning

Everyone wants to be part of the social media phenomenon, but for some companies this is harder than it seems. If you come to us we will look at your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube and come up with a social master plan. This can include identifying channels that are right for you (just because your neighbour thinks one network is the best thing since sliced bread) does not necessarily mean it will do anything for your business. 

In our opinion these channels are a way to give your brand a personality and that has to be worked on, which means sometimes your tone needs a different approach, perhaps more conversational or the other end of the scale and more business-like. 

Some clients engage in consultancy with us, where we can give you guidance and a plan or provide seminars for staff training. This can be from a very basic level of setting up, timing updates to more advanced social campaigns and paid for boosting. Other clients want to completely hand over the reins and let us run the channels day to day and come up with all their content.

Either way, it's good to embrace social media as a vital tool in your marketing plan.