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Not sure about adding this #photography service at lupimedia

@lupimedia 22/09/2016

Great photo shoot at Princes Street Dental in #yeovil yesterday. Lovely folks and always good fun #photography

@lupimedia 20/09/2016

Great to see progress towards a stable #bootstrap 4 by stopping work on v3. Already experimenting with v4 and has awesome features #flexbox

@lupimedia 06/09/2016

Bug fixing video player controls for a new app release soon to hit the streets #mondaymotivation

@lupimedia 05/09/2016

Soon to be starting a new project with #Drupal 8. See why and what it can do at

@lupimedia 01/09/2016

Everything you need to know about #ResponsiveDesign is all in our latest #WebDesign #Blog

@lupimedia 24/08/2016

Pleased to welcome a new client to the lupi massive. A new #physio practice in #yeovil

@lupimedia 22/08/2016

Congrats Tate on renewing your @adwords certification enabling first class service for @lupimedia clients.

@lupimedia 16/08/2016