Why Drupal is the Cats Pyjamas

Published Monday 11th Jul 2016
By James
Lupimedia Drupal Web Developers. Web Design in Somerset. Drupal 8 CMS.

Why Drupal is the Cats Pyjamas

At Lupimedia Drupal is more often than not the go to CMS platform for our clients websites. This blog goes someway to explain why. 

Powerfully simple - 

Out of the box it does a lot and I mean a lot of the basic functionality that most websites require, access controlled pages, user and role mgt, simple page editing etc. But in the hands of experienced developers it can also be moulded and shaped into an all singing and dancing powerful platform. This means its great for low and high budgets a like, simple functionality doesn’t have to be written from the ground up each time saving mooler but it can be heavily extended to produce a flexible mgt platform for larger projects.  

Yes it’s not as straightforward for a hobbyist website builder to get started on compared to Wordpress but the gains that can be made with knowledgeable developers in the driving seat far outweigh the initial learning curve. 

Together we are stronger - 

Drupal has a mooosive community of developers all contributing to the core code base as well as their own modules that are shared throughout the community. Nothing in life is ever bug free from the off, this is where community contributions really help make modules more robust as you have thousands of developers input, trials, testing and tribulations that all add up to make a more stable widely tested platform that you just don’t get from in house home made Content Management Systems.

It’s my trainset you can’t play on it anymore -

We often hear tales of woe from customers trying to move away from a provider that built their website on an ‘in house’ developed and owned CMS. “You can’t move the site as we have IP in the core code that we can’t release”, “You have to use our developers only as the source code for the website is owned by us” etc etc. WE even used to be one of those developers in the past as you have invested heavily in contributing to a core library of code over years of blood sweat and tears so why would you let a client who has commissioned you for a simple one page website have your entire code base that you have spent tens of thousands of man hours building up to? 

This is where Drupal comes into its own. It’s Open Source, so completely free to use and modify. This doesn’t mean its cheap and therefore inferior, it simply means you can walk away with your site in tact if a relationship breaks down with a supplier or they shut up shop (obviously as long as you have paid your developers for their time as per any original agreements).


In summary Drupal would be the president of Websitenessland in our eyes. Of course we use and work with others (wordpress) including bespoke made solutions, it really does boil down to what the customer requirements are and what they need their website or app to do with a sprinkle of foreseeing future development requirement with our crystal ball to make an informed recomendation for our customer.