Why Soft Rebranding Could Be Right For Your Business

Published Friday 29th Mar 2019
By Tate

Why Soft Rebranding Could Be Right For Your Business

Companies of all nature and all sizes are aware of the importance of a website. But what some companies have overlooked is simply having a website is not the only factor in competing online. You've got to do it better than your rivals, and brand appeal is vital.

This is a letter to all who's business is looking a little tired or outdated, perhaps you don't realise your look is gone with the times. The solution: a soft rebrand.


Soft Rebrand
Lupi Phrase
[Soh-ft • re-brah-nd]
   Refresh and revive existing branding with a new and exciting look that does not stray too far from the original brand identity.


Lupimedia recently performed a soft rebrand of it's own. Taking the existing colours and tone of voice and transformed itself into a new style of bold illustrations, a sleek new font, and new look and feel of an updated website.

We have done many soft rebrands in our years and we think highly of the process. We've seen businesses low on self esteem suddenly resurge with a new look, with increase in sales, revitalised customer engagement, and even giving staff a boost.

There are many options for soft rebrand so don't count yourselves out yet.

  • Do you have a nice logo but outdated colours? We can freshen up the logo with a thoughtfully chosen new colour palette.
  • Do you only have a logo? Let's deconstruct it, and create new shapes and elements with it's colour scheme to build upon what you have.
  • Your logo is just the company's name? let's create an icon to sit next to that name, something that only adds to your business's personality.

Lupimedia have helped many businesses, large and small, transform their brands. We have designed entire icon sets to be used online and in print. Given Cafes and Pubs a whole new look in their signage and menus. And soft rebranded Charities, SME's, and of course our own company.