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Software Engineering

It's all in the cloud (yawn) the over used word that seems to relate to all things tech. Discover how software or more commonly described as web applications can unlock the power of your business processes and streamline your workflows. We build custom databases using cloud based datastores that can talk to your marketing website, third party apis or other processes that your business needs. Whether its a social network, or a custom CRM tool you need we can help spec and build a web application for your business. We’ve developed lots of systems over the years including a bespoke sales email CRM tool for global car brand, an e-learning app for teaching kids to read using phonics as well as a marketing and CRM application for tradesman.

Solutions for backups, redundancy and scalability all come into the mix when making systems that are robust, fast and accessible. Let our team work with you to achieve your project goals.

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Software Engineering

Mootish is a web application that launches chatrooms on demand for opponents to have a 1v1 chat debate. At the end the users score each other on the debate and you queue up for the next debate. Developed using Polymer connected to Firebase, Mootish is scaleable from the get go without the overhead of paying for large server costs at times where the service is less busy.

"Scalable, powerful web applications."