BCSocial - transforming sign ups

"We had a good idea of what we wanted and Lupimedia came along and reflected how we wanted to see it brilliantly."

One of our proudest projects has been creating the BCSocial website. It's an online social collaboration tool that simplifies business communication. Early signs suggest that BCSocial is going to make a big impact in the marketplace - attracting some of the biggest brands in the UK. BCSocial brings together users and content on a single cloud-based workspace in order to simplify business and communications.

With BCSocial there's a lot riding on the registration process - which is critical to their business. So, to put in basic terms, achieving small percentage gains in efficiency in the registration process converts to potential big business to them. Their potential customers are some of the largest in the UK that each could have thousands of users.

There were big smiles all round when we were picked by BCSocial for their site rebuild. From being approached for troubleshooting problems with their previous site to taking on their entire rebuild was a fascinating and exciting ride. On top of that we collaborated with a leading South West designer Lucky Dave who brought his inspirational touch.

But don't just listen to us, here's what they thought.

Here's what they said

By Gerry Carr - Chief Marketing Officer at BcSocial

"We had a good idea of what we wanted and Lupimedia came along and reflected how we wanted to see it brilliantly.

It was great to work with the team throughout the process. James came back quickly with mock ups and we were confident that that the site would be delivered quickly and it was. The site was built extremely well.

"In my experience when you're looking to work with a web agency you are looking for someone who can translate your designs and build framework that will allow our non web developers to change and update it. I have had plenty of experience of when that doesn't happen but our experience with Lupimedia is that the whole process was smooth, and since launching we have rarely had to go back to them. It was a really positive experience and we will continue working with Lupimedia as well as recommending
them to others."

How rebuilding the registration process made all the difference

"As well as building the core website, Lupimedia also changed our registration process.

It is a very important and critical part of our site and a vital piece of technology infrastructure.

The result was quick and highly effective and now the number of people signing up and converting has gone up by 400%.

That's huge credit to the team at Lupimedia - now we have near enough 100% of customers completing the sign up process."

That expertise was really appreciated and it has made a significant change in our business.