River Dental

We are super happy when we hear our clients say that they are receiving great value from our web services. Sarah Price, Practice Manager at the River Dental was kind enough to write a few words about her experience with Lupimedia and our content updating and consultancy services.

Our monthly retainer based services allow customers to focus on their core business and for us to assist them with their web, social media, graphic design and generally pimping all communications.

What Sarah has to say...

Lupimedia have transformed the way we advertise our practice through their amazing writing and creativity skills, using all the latest technology. Without them we would be going loopy! It is difficult to single out one area of praise for this team; they really are our backbone when it comes to all things technical. We first started to work with Lupimedia when we re-branded our practice and the website was the first thing they did for us. Their young, refreshing and enthusiastic approach to their work created a truly unique website that is just what we were after and completely reflects our practice. Even though they may be from the sticks and socialise daily with the cows these guys have all the technical know- how. Travelling all the way to Hampshire to meet with us to understand the specific image we were going for and taking some amazing pictures was not too much trouble for them.

They are in control of our website on a daily basis and anything that needs adding, adjusting or amending is looked after by them. They deal with all the blog updates and photos and have even introduced us to the world of Facebook and encouraged us to venture into this whole new world of advertising giving us useful hints and tips to encourage our "Likes" and friends, and as you must have guessed they even designed the page for us. For me one of the biggest things that stand out about Lupimedia is that nothing is too much trouble, we have very specific ideas on what and how we like to advertise and they work tirelessly to produce what we want. Work can be redone and adjusted as we remember things and they never grumble about redoing it once, twice, three times....

We recently entered some awards and it was a mad rush to get the presentation in on time, our technical angel James Ovenden stepped in and was handed hundreds of photos and pages of literature and asked to put it all together as we simply do not have the technical knowledge or time. As we work so closely with James he knew exactly what style we wanted, what sort of layout and balanced the content of words to pictures perfectly. This is just one example of many, James will often produce creative poster designs for our local magazine and helps with our standard monthly adverts in various publications.

To the guys at Lupi media we must seem like a bunch of cavemen as we are not all technically minded and often we will ring and ask a question that is almost too obvious to ask, For example "How does an admin user log into facebook"? It sounds simple and it must be simple but these are just some of the questions that they will regularly deal with from us Technophobes and never once have they made any comment about our lack of understanding.

We do not thank this team often enough for all their hard work and ingenious ideas, they are always there at the end of the phone (yes we do still pick up the phone and talk to people) or email and they are regularly faced with our tight and demanding deadline and they are always met with work that is above and beyond the expectations we had. I cannot recommend them highly enough and truly am grateful for the way they have helped transform our business.

Sarah Price RDN Practice Manager