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We have gained Google's sign of approval and granted us the honour to wear the badge with permission from the Elders of the Internet. To be a partner we have to have staff qualify in Google exams, meet best practice standards, and manage specific budgets so Google have enough information about the way we manage client accounts to qualify us as an official partner.

Lupimedia will be egg nogging between Mon 21st December and 1st Jan 2016. 

We will be back in the office on Monday 4th Jan sporting larger trousers for the expanding waistlines. 

Happy Christmas to all of our awesome clients. 

Everyday business can be serious, tasks assigned, deadlines to meet, strategies to form. Why not lighten the load when developing your website with us. 

To help improve the Feng shui and general wellbeing in the office we have decided to introduce a Fish Tank. Initially I thought this would be a simple process, get tank, put water in it, get fish put them in the water, But oh no...... 

At the moment there are no fish (as I'm told the tank is cycling, even though I don't see any bikes in sight) but we have been debating about what varieties to eventually add. Apparently I'm not allowed piranhas.

Opening Hours over Easter Weekend

James Ovenden,from Lupimedia in Yeovil, became the host for Nick Clegg , our Deputy Prime Minister a few days ago.  
It was a fantastic opportunity for us as a business to meet with Nick Clegg and David Laws again. We have been thrilled with the outcomes of having super fast broad band installed here in the town centre. It was great to share with Nick Clegg how it has allowed us to work at a much greater speed and has improved our quality of service, which is invaluable to us. 

We are pleased to welcome Tate to the team at Lupimedia. 
We have had a few days of "What's your name .... the gallery....that's it Tate" but other than that he is settling in nicely. 

Tate is in a Junior Developer role at Lupimedia and he clearly loves the web as much as we do. Outside of work Tate can be found in skate parks on his BMX doing sweet jumps *said in Napolean Dynamite style voice* and is a keen musician. 

Like many things in life there is no one right answer and in some cases it can cause some sleepless nights when weighing up what is the right Ecommerce platform for your needs.  Do you go for a build it yourself project using a system like volusion or shopify or will that be limiting for the company as it grows? Do you need the enterprise features that Magento has to offer, decisions decisions.

How to make your site secure – and give yourself a rating boost at the same time

Without throwing lots of technology acronyms at you, there has been an important change that all website owners should know about.

This week we are thrilled to welcome Luke to the team. He is an exceptional graphic designer and all round UX/UI(in plain speak - making the website very human frendly) wizard. We are so pleased to have him as part of our expanding team and look forward to future projects.