2018 Roundup

Published Friday 21st Dec 2018
Besides demolishing 138 mince pies in 72 days in the build up to Christmas this year the Lupimedia team has achieved many other great things!

It has been a year of lots of large scale projects consisting of apps, web apps, and intricate online services

A Font for the World

Published Monday 10th Oct 2016
Once in a while something comes out of the Web which is exciting and extremely impressive. Last week saw the launch of Noto, Google’s latest online accomplishment that will wow font lovers and web designers across the world.

DIY Sunday

Published Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Over the first Bank Holiday weekend of May the Office became an arena of Manliness and Power Tools, with a parade of saw thumbs, blisters and splinters in the attempt to create a rather magnificent wooden panel wall.

Email isn't Magic

Published Friday 29th Apr 2016
Did you know that Email doesn’t just happen, even though it appears that way. Behind the send button, your words take part in a fantastic relay race from your computer or mobile phone, through a series of different service providers, scanners, filters and relays to make its way to its final resting place in your recipients mailbox.

Google Partners!!

Published Wednesday 23rd Mar 2016
We have gained Google's sign of approval and granted us the honour to wear the badge with permission from the Elders of the Internet. To be a partner we have to have staff qualify in Google exams, meet best practice standards, and manage specific budgets so Google have enough information about the way we manage client accounts to qualify us as an official partner.